5 Late Night Foods That Are Both Filling And Sleep Friendly

We all know that late night snacking is a big no-no as it’s said that this can lead to waking up you feeling bloated and potentially gaining weight. There is even a study that found people are grumpier, fatigued, restless, tired and more likely to binge-eat the next day if they eat an hour or two before going to sleep.

The reason late night eating is considered harmful is that it’s linked to stress eating which can lead to people bingeing on high-fat comfort foods like chips and ice cream. 

But, regardless of what science has to say, I need to eat something before bed, or it just doesn’t feel right. And no, I’m not stress-eating and have managed to keep my tummy relevantly flat (so far at least).

So, I decided to do some research and found out some foods that can be eaten before bed, let you sleep peacefully and help you get up early without feeling like crap. But, before we get to my results, let’s talk about how overeating before sleep can cause you more harm than good.

When you eat foods that are difficult to digest before sleeping, you are bound to have a low-quality rest that night because your body is busy digesting the food you fed it instead of helping you catch your ZZZs and dream about your latest crush. 

This can also make you feel hungry in the morning which can lead to more eating, and this ends up making you too fat to fit into your jeans that you wore just last month.

Getting back to my research on foods that are ideal late night snacks, here they are:

String Cheese

Hold on people. Before you head to the comments section to blast me with how cheese is a processed food and not good for you before bedtime, hear me out.

Cheese is filled with proteins and fat which makes you feel full with only around 80 calories. It also contains tryptophan which is an amino acid that can help you sleep more deeply.

White Meat

When picking the white meat you want for a late night snack, it’s best to choose turkey as it contains loads of proteins while being low in fat. It also has tryptophan which helps you sleep better, and a few slices will only be around 100 calories.


And no, we aren’t talking about the chocolate flavored, sugar-rich cereal that you like for breakfast. Instead, eating a bowl of oatmeal or bran flakes will give you the required whole-grain.

It is also a complex carb mix that will be filling and which is easily digested. You can also use milk for some extra proteins and tryptophan.

Nonfat Greek Yogurt

We have all heard of yogurt helping ease the stomach but did you know that eating nonfat Greek yogurt will help you free of indigestion and also give you your beauty sleep. Yogurt contains proteins and tryptophan with around 100-150 calories.

Apple With Peanut Butter

While I hate peanut butter, I am taking one for the team and trying this disturbing concoction. Apparently, eating slices of apple with peanut butter will help you feel full without being bloated as well as give you a lot of protein and fibers. 

If you don’t like peanut butter like me, you can also try apple slices with vanilla yogurt, it’s much better (in my opinion).

There you go ladies and gentlemen, these were the five foods I found that can help you quench those late night cravings while letting you sleep like a baby for a whole night.

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