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Vodka Drinks:Best 6 Vodka Drinks To Serve At A Weekend Party

Best Vodka drinks to serve at a Weekend Party

All of us love parties. We are always ready to chill at whatever party we are invited to. Among all the parties that we are invited to, the one that we love is the party thrown over the weekend.

The weekend is the time of the week when we get mentally drained, and we need some time with our close people to balance out the exhaustion level. The USA is a country where we have seen this trend of going to weekend parties at a huge number.

We go to a party because any of our close people invite us but deep down all that we want to do is chill and relax our minds. There is this one thing that is the life of any party or gathering and that thing is a drink.

You cannot even think of throwing a party for your friends without arranging drinks. You will be able to see that most of the people around you are vodka lovers preferring best vodka brands every time. So, if you are planning to throw a party that too on a weekend and don’t have enough ideas about the vodka drinks to be kept there, then we are here to solve your problem. Read about the best vodka drinks below.

Vodka Martini

Go to a vodka lover before reading the details about a vodka martini and ask that person his top 3 favorite vodka drinks. A vodka martini on his list is enough to tell you how much this drink is loved by people.

A vodka martini is more than a perfect drink to be served to your guests. This drink is made with vodka and dry vermouth. The sour taste it has is loved by people and will cheer up the mood of them at the weekend party you invited them to.

Midori Sour

This is a unique drink to be served to your guests at a weekend party. The name of this drink shows that it has a sour taste that is loved by the majority of the vodka lovers. Midori sour is made from three main ingredients and that is Midori, vodka, and lemon juice.

This is a comfort drink in two ways. Number one is that it can easily be made and number two is that it is loved by the majority. Relax with your friends at the party with this drink.

Bloody Mary

Many people already know about this drink, for the ones who don’t know are missing out on something great. Bloody Mary has a pure blood-red color and leaves this color on your teeth too when you have it.

The taste of this drink delights the one having it. Bloody Mary is made from tomato juice, vodka, and Worcestershire sauce. Tomato juice is the reason why it has a blood-red color in it.

This drink has a bold flavor that just awakes a person completely. You should serve it at a weekend party to charge your guests with this bold flavor drink.

Chocolate Martini

When we arrange any party we invite many guests and each guest is one of their kind and has different likings if I talk about taste. A vodka drink is the life of a party and most of the vodka drinks have a sour taste in it.

But what about the people who have a sweet tooth? Not a problem anymore. Chocolate Martini is the solution for the vodka lovers who have a sweet tooth. This drink is made through a chocolate liqueur and vodka. Serve this drink to your guests and satisfy their sweet tooth cravings.

Moscow Mule

This unique drink has many unique facts attached to it. Moscow Mule has a history of being invented at the time of World War II. This drink was invented at that time for the sake of necessity but as we all know that great things are invented when they are needed the most.

People are having it for years. This drink is made from three essential ingredients that are vodka, ginger beer, and lemon juice. The spicy taste this drink has is what people love the best about it. The best fact about this drink is that it is made with simple ingredients and the taste it produces is to die for. Guests at your weekend party would love it.


Want to serve your guests with a drink having a taste of both a dessert and a drink? A mudslide is the best choice to go for then.

The taste this drink has is similar to white Russian. One unique ingredient is used in the mudslide and that is vanilla ice cream. This gives this drink a label of a dessert. Mainly this drink is made from vodka, Kahlua, and vanilla ice cream. You can also call it a boozy milkshake. Serve it to your guests and watch them asking for more.

These were the best vodka drinks. You can also pair these drinks with some favorite foods by following the rules to pairing wine and food.