The 10 Best Places to Eat Around FIU’s Campus That Aren’t Fast Food

We’ve all been there. You’re too lazy to actually go cook, but if you have one more bite of Pollo Tropical, you may possibly go over the edge. We know how limited our choices can get when eating on campus. 

There comes a point in time where our palates just can’t handle anymore Fresh Foods. So I’ve found the 10 best places near the MMC campus to help with any cravings you might have and put them in order of distance. 

SpecialTEA Lounge

If you haven’t heard of the SpecialTEA Lounge, you’re missing out. Nestled between a dry cleaner and a dentist office, this place is definitely a hidden gem. Its amazing food makes up for its small capacity, serving a never-ending combination of teas, and organic sandwiches and treats. 

They also offer vegan dishes, and all of their food is sourced from sustainable farms. You’ll find a lot of fellow Panthers sitting around studying or playing one of the board games SpecialTEA has. 

This makes it to the list of best places mostly because it’s a fan favorite at FIU, and it’s a place where you can truly lounge around.

Jasmine’s Sushi & Thai Cuisine

This place is notorious on campus, mostly for their amazing food. It’s tucked away in an alley in the University Plaza across the street, but you can’t miss it. 

Fellow Panthers flock here, and whether it’s after a night out or after a tough study session, their food is always there to comfort you. They even have an FIU roll, which includes spicy tuna and whitefish, cucumber, and scallions. 

109 Burger Joint

This place is also a hidden gem. Right across from 109 Towers, 109 Burger Joint is the place to go for the best burgers and beer. They offer a huge collection of craft beers and tons of unique burgers that will have you questioning your meaning of a burger. 

They also offer queso frito instead of fries on the side, which is the cherry on top. The joint also does karaoke nights, trivia nights, live music, and happy hour, so if you’re looking for something to do with friends, this is one of the best places.  

Night Owl Cookies 

I may be blunt by saying this, but Breezeway crack cookies are now a thing of the past. Night Owl has assumed the throne of best cookies in Miami. What started off as an out-of-home delivery service has grown into one of the most well known cookie places around.

Located (literally) across the street from MMC, Night Owl cookies offer some of the largest, gooiest cookies around. You’ll fill yourself up with only one, but you won’t want to stop eating. 

And above all, they’re always fresh out of the oven. They’re open until 2 in the morning, so your late-night cravings are satisfied. 

107 Coffee and Dessert

This place is one of FIU’s local hidden gems. They’re a family-owned place, and they serve primarily Asian sweets and desserts. When I first came to FIU, I steered clear of this place, but now I deeply regret this decision. 

Their food is made fresh, and they’re always coming up with new and creative concepts. Their Zombie Plant is amazing, as well as their Porky Buns. 

They also offer vegetarian and vegan options, and if something you want isn’t vegan-friendly, they’ll modify it for you at no extra charge. But don’t be fooled, although they’re known for their sweets their lunch items are just as delicious. 

Moe’z Express

I regret judging this place so quickly once it opened. They basically serve South American street food, like maicitos. They also serve full platters (if you’re ever feeling un churrasco) and huge burgers. 

They’re mostly known for the most incredible deep-fried, double stuffed Oreos around MMC. They’re open late night, too.  

La Nonna

This place is a little different from the rest of the places on this list. La Nonna is a family-owned, authentic Italian restaurant, and you get that vibe the moment you walk in. 

Its small and cozy atmosphere is welcoming and makes you feel at home, and the head chef will always come out and treat you like family. The food is always prepared fresh and authentically, and they have really good deals. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a place on date night or are taking a lunch break.

Spice N Curry 

If you’re ever craving Indian food, look no further. Spice N Curry is right next to La Nonna, and it’s right in front of our engineering campus. Don’t get it twisted though, this is technically a grocery store, so you can’t actually sit down and eat.

You have to walk to the back to find a little cafe to order the food. They’re very generous with their servings and the food is extremely affordable. You can even pick up some ingredients to make authentic Indian meals at home. I highly recommend the Chicken Biryani. 

Pincho Factory 

Pincho Factory is one of Miami’s most iconic places to eat. Although the name suggests you should get a pincho (a skewer of grilled food), the burgers are where it’s at. They’re known best for their burgers and a personal favorite of mine is their rice bowls. 

They also always have a changing specials menu, where they test their creations to see if they make it big. If you still haven’t been here, what are you waiting for?

Kon Chau Restaurant 

This place is the farthest from FIU, but if I left it off this list it’d be a crime. I’ve been passing this place for years never knowing what treasures lay inside of it. They offer the best dim sum around FIU, and they’re incredibly affordable. 

Their green tea duck dumplings and pork buns are my personal favourite, but honestly there are so many delicious things here that it’s hard to even choose.